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Bill Burrows

Bill Burrows is a successful entrepreneur and passionate community advocate committed to the betterment of Beaches—East York, and to being a strong voice for the issues that matter most to its residents.

As a young immigrant to Canada of Greek-Irish ancestry, Bill embraced the values of hard work, perseverance and love of community instilled in him by his parents.

Bill founded his first successful technology company while still in his mid-20s. With offices in Toronto and Silicon Valley, California, this company employed 20 people. Currently, he is a consultant and champion of innovation for high-tech and electronics manufacturing industries in Canada.

Bill and his wife Elizabeth have called Beaches-East York home for 18 years, and have raised their family here. Bill has been a constant champion for his community, serving as president of the Beaches—East York Conservative Riding Association as well as Kew Beach Daycare. He is a board member of the Flemingdon Health Centre, and was a co-founder and former president of the Kew Beach Neighborhood Association.

He remains passionate about infrastructure renewal, the availability of quality job opportunities through a thriving private sector, and tax relief for working and middle class families.

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Thank you!

“For all of those who have over the past decade and a half built our party and contributed to our campaign, you have our deepest gratitude and you should feel nothing but pride … Never forget, that due to your efforts, our country stands tall today. We have built a Canada that is stronger than […]


More Support For Parents

A re-elected Conservative government will provide new benefits for moms and dads having a baby. We will provide up to 18 months of job protection for new parents and the option to stretch Employment Insurance (EI) benefits over 18 months. Parents who are interested in earning additional income or starting their own business while at […]


Protecting Canadian Auto Jobs

Hundreds of thousands of Canadian families work in the auto sector. That’s why a re-elected Conservative government will implement the new Automotive Supplier Innovation Program, which will help Canadian automotive suppliers gain a competitive edge in the global marketplace. If automakers are prepared to make firm commitments to new and modernized plants in Canada for […]


1.3 Million New Jobs

Canada’s economy created 1.3 million net new jobs since the depths of the global recession – one of the strongest job creation records in the G-7. In fact, not only are more Canadians working than before the recession, there are more Canadians working than ever before in our country’s history. And we will continue to […]


Protecting Jobs

Canada’s manufacturing sector provides good, well-paying jobs for Canadians in communities across our country. Prime Minister Harper has announced new support from our Conservative Government for Canadian manufacturers. Our low-tax, balanced budget Manufacturing Strategy will keep Canada’s manufacturing sector growing and creating jobs. Under our Manufacturing Strategy, Canadians will benefit from new jobs, new investment […]


Support For Canadian Seniors

Our Conservative Party will introduce new support for single and widowed seniors in Canada. A re-elected Conservative government will introduce a $2,000 Single Seniors Tax Credit that will extend additional tax relief to nearly 1.6 million single and widowed seniors in Canada who have pension income. When combined with the existing Pension Income Credit that […]


Budget Balanced A Year Early!

Our Conservative government has a strong record of economic and fiscal management. Our government achieved a balanced budget last year – one full year ahead of schedule. This is good for our economy and good for Canadian families. Spending beyond our means, as Justin’s Liberals and Thomas Mulcair’s NDP propose, would lead to permanent deficits, […]


Cutting Taxes For Small Businesses

A re-elected Conservative Government will lower the small business tax rate from 11 percent to 9 percent over the next four years. This tax cut – the largest tax rate cut for small businesses in more than 25 years – will provide $2.7 billion in tax relief to nearly 700,000 small businesses over this period. […]


Keeping Canadians Safe

A re-elected Harper Government will build on our record of fighting global terrorism to keep Canadians safe. And, we will continue to address the growing problem of terrorist radicalization and violent extremism among Canadian youth by providing a renewed $10 million in funding for the Kanishka Project. We will also create banned travel zones in […]


Keeping More Money In Your Pocket

We announced our plan to cut payroll taxes by over 20 percent in 2017 and protect Canadian jobs from the dangerous Employment Insurance and CPP tax hikes promised by both Justin Trudeau and Mulcair’s NDP. By dramatically reducing payroll taxes, Canadian workers will see their take-home pay increase and businesses – especially small businesses – […]


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